Door Access Systems

At MCT Electrical Services we supply an extensive range of equipment for intercoms, electric gates, traffic barriers and safety accessories. If you have existing automatic gates or plan to have new gates installed we can offer expert advice to help you choose the right electric gate system.

We use the latest technology for door access systems. We can provide electronic keypads for a single door or a networked system for multiple doors. Our door access systems are designed for your business needs so you can provide access to the right people and keep unauthorised people out.

In order to ensure you have the correct system you need to assess the purpose of the system. Where do you want your staff to have access to as you may wish some staff to have access to areas that others would not need to enter such as a personnel office or other private area. One of the most common access systems is a keypad or swipe card system or we can offer more advanced access systems. You may wish your security system to be connected to your CCTV or alarm system.

It is important to consider which doors need to have an access system dependant on your business needs and if the general public have access to your business or employees only. If required you can add further door access systems at a later date.

The type of door should be considered when purchasing your door access system:

  • What material is the door made of, aluminium, wood or glass?
  • Are any of the doors fire doors?
  • Do you require an access system for external areas such as garages or gated areas?

There are two types of exits, free exit and controlled exit systems. In a free exit system the system detects if someone is approaching an exit through motion sensors and the door will unlock. In a controlled exit system a card or a code is needed for employees to leave the secure area. It is important to ensure that control systems are set up to allow people to exit in the case of an emergency or if the system fails or the power is cut.

There are a large range of Door Access Control Entry devices and we will help you find the right security system for your business. We have several years’ experience and can provide 24/7  support after fitting so you never have to worry. Our pricing system is clear and fair and there are no hidden costs. We can also provide maintenance contracts to give you complete peace of mind.

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