Electrical Installations

Full Design and Installation of Lighting, Power and Containment Systems

AT MCT Electrical Services all our engineers are qualified to the highest standards and able to deal with any issues that arise saving our customer’s time and expense. We pride ourselves on providing not only a high quality service but also aim to meet tight deadlines.

We ensure there is open communication at all times so should any issues arise they are dealt with quickly and with the minimum of fuss. In the long term this can save time and expense ensuring that the project is completed to our very high standards and always meets the requirements of our customers.

Once the job is completed we remain on hand to answer any queries or give any support as appropriate. Our customers are the key to why our business is so successful whether it is a domestic installation or a larger project for a company. Our excellent service remains the same as does our commitment to quality.

Our outstanding electricians are organised, have excellent problem solving skills and an outstanding knowledge of all aspects of electrical work. Electrical installation includes fault finding, repairing systems, planning and design, testing, maintaining and much more.  When working with electrics every detail has to be accurate and attention to detail is paramount in order to ensure that all work meets particularly high standards.


Is electrical Installation testing a legal requirement?

Periodic inspections are legally required every 5 years in homes of multiple occupancy (HMO). In order to ensure that your electrical system is safe at all times periodic testing and inspection should be carried out and actions take to remedy any faults found after testing. Should a fire occur where electricity is suspected to have been the cause the duty is yours to prove that you did all you could to avoid an accident. Preventative maintenance records along with test data results will provide the best proof and defence.

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