Smart Home Integrated Systems

MCT Electricals Services are pleased to offer Smart Home integrated systems for your home. Control lighting, heating, ventilation, air conditioning and security through your internet system. You can even control your home appliances such as ovens and washing machines remotely. A central hub is placed in your home so your system can be controlled through a mobile system such as a mobile phone or tablet. Listen to your music in one room or throughout the house. Use voice control with hands free home automation.

A Smart Home enables appliances such as lighting, temperature; TV’s, security cameras, and entertainment appliances to communicate with each other and all these can be controlled remotely from any room or location. A Smart Home gives you convenience, saves time, energy and money.

With busy lifestyles and more people wanting to be ‘greener’ the Smart Home is becoming more popular as technology is now part of our everyday lives. Home controllers integrated with home systems help increase savings as usage of lighting, appliances etc. can be monitored. All systems can be accessed over the internet no matter where you in the world and consumption can be adjusted any time of night or day.

Smart Homes can help change the way you live and work with the added benefit of reducing energy consumption.  Imagine being able to open windows, operate lights and curtains, turn your heating down and monitor how much money your house has made you from your renewable energy system, through your mobile device and all this from anywhere in the world!

If you are interested in turning your home into a Smart Home call MCT Electrical Services  today on 01283 240264 or if you prefer complete our on line form leaving your name and number and a member of our team will be happy to call you to chat about your requirements or arrange a home visit.