Consumer Unit Upgrades

Are you thinking of changing your old fuse box for a new one? Do you know when it was installed? If you have had it in for some years it may not provide the protection you need. This unit is crucial for the safety of your appliances and above all your own safety. The purpose of your consumer unit is to distribute power from the incoming supply to the different circuits in your home such as sockets, central heating, lights, cooker etc. A new consumer unit will provide you with the protection you need for you and your family. At MCT Electrical Services we can upgrade your unit to a 2016 regulation consumer unit keeping you and your family safe.

Over the years consumer units have changed and they are now much safer. In 2008 new wiring regulations came into force and unprotected wiring had to be plastered into a wall and this required 30MA Residual Current Device (RCD) protection. Circuits have to be arranged so that in the event of a fault only half of the circuits are lost which minimises disruption. This is known as the split load dual RCD consumer unit. All electrical upgrades must be completed in line with current wiring regulations.

Any upgrade carried out in your property that is not just a change of fitting will need to be RCD protected which you may not have with your old fuse box. At MCT Electrical Services we take your electrics seriously and before we carry out any work a member of our highly qualified team would visit your property to check if there are any potential issues with your installation. Any remedial work would need to be completed before we change your fuse board. After installing a consumer unit upgrade all of the existing circuits are tested before connecting up again. On completion we will issue you with an Electrical Installation Certificate (EIC) and a Part P certificate.

If your consumer unit is damaged and you appear to be having problems such as circuit breaker tripping, sockets not working or flickering lights or you think your consumer unit needs upgrading call us on 01283 240264 and a member of our team will be happy to answer your questions. If you prefer complete our online enquiry form and a member of our team will be happy to call you back. Act today and keep your property and family safe.