Indoor and Outdoor lighting

MCT Electrical Services have a large and varied choice of outdoor commercial lighting and we are sure we can help you find the right lighting for your business. The following is just a sample of what we can offer:

  • Emergency lighting
  • Floodlighting
  • High bay lights
  • Ceiling grid panel lights

We can meet the needs of commercial and industrial clients. We will always complete a free lighting survey to ensure you purchase the most appropriate product for your business needs and ensure the light configuration gives optimum coverage, balance and light intensity.

The correct lighting is an important part of your business as it can:

Reduce Energy costs – Businesses can spend thousands of pounds a month on their lighting and this is where money can be saved. LED lamps are now approximately around 75% more efficient.

Environment – This is now an important part of any business decision as it has become a hot topic in and outside the workplace. Contributing to a greener planet and reducing your carbon footprint is financially beneficial.

Maintenance – Changing your tubes, lamps or spots can cost and disrupt your business. Modern LED lamps have a life in excess of 50000 hours (around 6 years with continuous use).

Emergency Lighting – Having reliable emergency lighting provides peace of mind for you, your staff, visitors or customer and ensures that you have provided the relevant security and safety options for your business. This lighting system will protect your business from any unexpected circumstances such as a power cut. Emergency light fittings can tell when the power has failed and immediately switch to using the backup battery.

Our team can discuss the best emergency lighting for your business needs.

Floodlighting – These lights give a broad beam for use to light up large outdoor areas. It is important to choose the right system and the right level of lighting and therefore an accurate assessment of what you need is required. Dependant on what you require LED floodlighting is bright enough to be used on large sports fields. This has the added advantage of lower power consumption and the bulbs last much longer than other more conventional types.

High Bay Lights – These offer a high energy efficient lighting for areas such as manufacturing, retail and any large commercial space. Correct lighting is needed to ensure the safety of your workforce. LED High Bay lighting can save energy and can normally run for approximately 50000 hours. This type of lighting is often used now to replace fluorescent lighting which uses a greater amount of energy and therefore adds further costs to your business.

Ceiling and Panel Lights – An LED panel light is often used to replace traditional fluorescent lights. It is a more uniform lighting and is designed using an LED light source which once again has an extremely long lamp life and no UV or IR emissions. As it has a low voltage constant current driver is energy saving and safe.

The above is an example of what we can offer for your business lighting needs. Contact our specialist team on 01283 240264 to discuss your requirements or complete our online enquiry form. A member of our team would be happy to visit you to discuss your lighting needs in more details and give a free no obligation quote.